I work mostly in the traditional, academic style of painting and drawing.  Specializing in oil paint and charcoal, I depict figures, with the addition of visceral subject matter to personify natural phenomena, human experiences, and ideas through the use of the human form.  An important element of my work is that it reflects the conflicts that pertain to the young adult, and addresses how personal image manifests itself in the things we do, how we act, and how we present ourselves.  My work has grown to become more narrative and intimate, as each figure draws the viewer in with curiosity, in an effort to observe the realistic figures emerging from their surroundings.

Growing up in a small town, I had never thought of becoming an artist until I was in high school.  I hadn’t visited a museum until I was an adult. It was the internet that allowed for the spark in my interest.  After stumbling upon artists such as Richard Schmidt and Casey Baugh, I became interested in depicting the human form in new ways: to tell new stories.  My work uses the human figure as an instantly recognizable and relatable subject, to express moments in our human experience in ways described as both beautiful and uncanny.

My goal is to convey social concepts, even cliches, as well as personify everyday moments through the human figure.  For example, social-labels are a common theme throughout my work. By painting “tattoos” of words or simple subjects like flowers across the portraits of my subjects, I am able to display my thoughts about an everyday social concept, effectively labeling the figure in an obvious manner, to shed light on something we as a society sometimes unknowingly do.  My work as a whole may contain elements of abandon, confrontation, individualism, and finding one’s self. I also enjoy the combination of two different styles that embody similar moods, such as landscape and portraiture. The duality of a cloudy sky painted on the skin of a figure begins a conversation between the two traditionally depicted subjects. I am a fan of art history and concepts like these never leave my mind; the artists and styles that came before me have always been my greatest influences.  I had always thought of myself as an outsider in the contemporary, conceptual art world because the carefully rendered subjects of the past no longer seem capable of our attention. By depicting “old” subject matter in new ways, I aim to push the limits of realism further, into a new generation.